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Every person / businessmen want to save their time so that they can use that particular time for more add value. How it possible? Yes this is possible when you use technique.  

I'm sure guys, In this short video clip you would complete big task of your business. I am going to share the video clip which talk about how to create custom report in Google Analytics 

Hello Guys, This is our Google analytics tutorial in Hindi channel. Here I have shared a video that tells about the google analytics overview. So please go through this channel and enhance your knowledge and use it in your business. Click directly Google Analytics Overview

Basically the Google AdSense is a part of Google Corporation. It uses its Google search technology to provide advertisement based on the customer’s location, websites and other factors. Read Continue

Basically headings are the most important part of any kind of content, because it highlights all of your content is about... same things we use it in SEO. The Google algorithm gives the priority the level of  heading like H1, H2, H3....H6 that is called heading tags.

It is the part of on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And it help the publisher to rank their keywords higher position in the Google search results pages.

What is the best practice to use H1 heading tag

When you are using the h1 heading tags on the webpage you should make sure that only one h1 tags use on the webpage not twice or more.

Try to mention the keywords in the h1 heading tag.

Best practice to use heading tags ... h1, h2, ... h6

It looks like <h1> your heading here with rich keywords</h1>

For Browsing in the Google -

What is H1 Heading Tag in SEO
H1 Heading Tag in SEO
What is H1 Heading Tag
h1 tag best practices
seo h1 tag best practice

As you know that the meta tags are always written in the HTML format or you can say that meta tags are the part of a source code. And these tags or codes never seen on the front pages of a website.

It is a snippet of a text that illustrate your web page, what about it is. Higher quality meta tags contain high quality keywords or search phrases close to your products and services.

How can see meta tags in source code of a webpage.

It is very simple to see the meta tags of a website and webpage. You just need to open your website and press Ctrl + U and find <title <description & <keywords

How can see meta tags on SERPs

For seeing the meta tags on the SERPs (search engine results pages), put up a keyword in the Google search and press enter and the results. These 10 snippets of your keyword result are meta tags.

The full form of serp is search engine results page

SERPs are those pages which show the results what do you search in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on...

Let me explain it in simple way, When do you search the queries in the search engines with respect search phrases (keywords)? And what do you see on your devices like computer, mobile, laptop or whatever you are using?, a list of results in response to the queries. That are the SERPs (search engine results pages).