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Now i am going to tell you how to do the social bookmarking for a website free of cost.


If you are running an online business, then you must need to know each and every posible ups and downs of the search metrics about your competitors in the market. Basically the winners and losers report are reflective of general online trends, and not necessarily anything that SEOs need to account for. But from the rest, there are a few things you can learn:

>> The ‘stickier’ your website and the more people like to return to it, the better. It also helps if you have put thought into user intent in navigation and internal search

>> Well thought-out, high quality content continues to be a winner with Google’s algorithms

>> When it comes to publishing, targeting a specific niche – rather than trying to spread your coverage over too wide a ground – will also help you rank in search
Basically the Googlebot is a Google's software which is called by different names likes Google Spider, Google bot and Google web page crawler and so on.

What is Google bot's work:
Actually Google bot is a web reporter which provides all the information of websites or web pages on the internet by crawling process whatever updated by web owners for their business's related products and services.

Back in before, The Matt Cutts of Google announced if they drop links, the search results get bad. Meaning, if they drop looking at links for ranking purposes, the quality of the search results that Google can return drop significantly. In other words you can understand that if you want to ranking high in the search engines like - Google, Yahoo and Bing, you make sure that you have create quality backlinks for your websites.

Dawn Anderson this morning ask Gary Illyes from Google if he was referring to external links or internal links. External links are links you get from third-party web sites, internal links are links you control within your site. Gary said he was referring to external links.

Google Adwords is a big platform in the digital marketing segment. It allow to people to advertise their products and services google search engine by investing money.

Visit to know What is Google Adwords?

This is very important think because many person use this word etc. but they do not know exact mean that what is ETC stands for (what is the full form of etc).

According to my opinion now no need to worry because we are going to explain of the words, basically ETC stands for : - "Et" = Et and, "C" = Cetera , means etc = Et Cetera.

When we talk about disambiguation thinks, products and anything else, than we use to this word like etc.